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How are coupons validated?

How does Mobile Coupon Factory interactive coupon validation work?

Coupon validation is important from both ensuring that your campaign remains secure and by generating important data that aids analytics and customer knowledge.

We offer three stand-alone coupon validation methods: i. validation widget & App, ii. on the customer’s mobile device validation, and iii. QR code validation. Plu two further advanced integrated methods: i. barcodes and ii. Point of Sale API.  This breath of our coupon validation methods enables any business to validate our coupons and collect important redemption data.

Our system records and tracks all distributed coupon data. You can export detailed reports with our reporting tool or we can integrated the data so it syncs into your marketing platforms.

What validation methods can I add to a coupon?

We can program any of the desired validation methods into your coupon campaign. In some cases we can also combine more than one validation methods.

Validation Widget and App:

We offer both a validation widget and a standalone App to validate coupons.

Our widget runs on any device with internet access and a browser. It requires the validation code from the consumer’s device to be copied and entered in the widget. The widget then indicates the validity of the coupon and marks the coupon on the consumers phone as verified, so it cant be re-used. Further it offers the ability to collect data about the consumer, name, gender, in-store spend and this dat is saved with the coupon data.

Our validation App is a little more refined to operate and can be downloaded in the Apple, Google and Windows App stores. It offers similar features to the widget, but has an inbuilt scanner allowing for the faster procession of validations simply by scanning the barcode or QR code displayed within the customer’s coupon. In case of multiple redeem locations you can create multiple logins for the widget to track the redeem location in the statistics. The App also allows you to save extra personal data from your customers.

QR code validation:

Our validation system allows a QR code to be generated (after a valid coupon claim) and displayed within the coupon. This QR code can be scanned by any device (phone or tablet) with a camera and our App and this can be used as the validation system. At validation, the cashier scans the validation QR Code during checkout and enters the validation password. In case of multiple redeem locations you can create multiple passwords to track the redeemed location in the statistics.

On mobile device:

Validate the coupon directly on the customer’s device by entering the password. (This option does not work for printable coupons.) In case of multiple redeem locations you can create multiple passwords to track the redeem location in the statistics. Note some customers do not like handing over their phones, so in these cases you have the customer enter the password.

Use your own validation codes:

We offer a solution where we can import and use your own validation codes. Our system will then show your validation code on our validation page – one unique validation code for every coupon. You are can also show that validation code as a barcode so your POS system can scan that code. (Clever hey!)

POS integration with our API:

Our platform can show a barcode with the unique coupon ID generated by our system. Connect your POS system via our API to validate the coupon from within your POS.  This solution needs an one time integration from your POS software supplier to make this work! Please ask us for further information.



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