Frequently Asked Questions on Mobile Coupons

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Mobile Coupon Capabilities

All of our interactive coupons can be delivered and used with or without  an App – this is one of their best features.

We can also deliver interactive coupons inside an existing App, or through our free App HelloLocal, –  you have wonderful choices and advantages at the Mobile Coupon Factory!

Wallet Passes do require a native or downloaded wallet App.

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Interactive Mobile Coupons:

pru-main-scratch-on-phoneMobile Coupon Factory has the most advanced interactive digital coupon technology for mobiles and desktop. We offer solutions for viral marketing, data collecting, social logins, scratch-off coupons, mobile wallet integration, gifters, integrated payments, location based geo targeting and beacon integration.

We custom design a coupon to suit your promotional or loyalty campaign and equip it with an amazing array of promotional, social media, analytics and re-marketing features. These are the most advanced and capable coupons for marketing purposes.

Wallet Passes:

passbook-ios6-imagesPasses are often the term used to describe the coupons, tickets or passes stored within the native Apple, Google or Samsung Wallet. Apple Wallet (referred to as simply Wallet) is an application in Apple‘s iOS (previously known as Passbook in iOS 6 to iOS 8, hence the derivation of the name passes) that allows users to store coupons, boarding passes, event tickets, store cards and, starting with iOS 8.1, credit cards, loyalty cards, and debit cards via Apple Pay.

Passes can be updated over the air to display your latest offer, meaning that Store or Loyalty Cards stored in the Wallet can always show the latest promotion. Passes can also be redeemed, by scanning, validated and then disabled on the consumer’s phone once they have been claimed.

We can send push messages to customer’s smartphones who have a pass saved in the wallet, or even update the detail stored on the pass.

Beacons and Geo fences can trigger the passes and act as reminder that the pass can be redeemed in this location.

As the wallet is now fully integrated with the smartphones operating system and Apple and Google are spending investing heavily in the mobile payments space through their wallet applications we can expect continue development and features within wallet passes.

Stamp or Punch Cards:

stamp or punch card digital coupon from mobile Coupon FactoryStamp or Punch cards replace the traditional loyalty card which gets marked each time you make a repeat purchase from a retailer, with a version stored on your mobile phone.

These digital versions are an evolution of the Wallet Pass and offer many of the same features as a Wallet Pass.

They are very convenient for a customer and add increased levels of security, visibility, customer messaging and analytics to the traditional paper based systems.

These stamp cards can be distributed using the many varied methods, but can only be redeemed with the appropriate scanning app in-store meaning that promotion and your profits are secured.

Claim, Redeem or Save and Validate are common terms in the Coupon industry.


Claiming is the next step a customer takes after they have received and opened the coupon. In many cases the customer is asked to press a button or scratch the coupon before claiming, but we can also ask the customer to log in with a social media account before proceeding (with a scratch or button), so no matter the outcome of the prize mechanic (win or loose), we have captured their details.coupon-actions-social-login-or-social-share

One of the great things about Mobile Coupon Factory’s is our multiple claim methods – these are the ‘actions’ we ask the customer to do to claim the reward they just were offered in the Coupon. To see all the ways you ask your customers to claim please read this post.

Redeem or also called Save:

Redeeming refers to the different ways a customer can use a claimed coupon. We offer you a few different methods and its feasible to have a number of these activated on one coupon.

Use Now:

Clicking the Use Now button starts the selected validation process for the customer to have their coupon validated. This can occur in-store or on-line. If a customer accidentally presses use now, whist not in-store that’s OK and can can again come back to the use now screen at any time.

Save to their Mobile Wallet:

The coupon can be saved to Apple Wallet (Apple Passbook) and Android Pay (Google Wallet). With a simple click the coupon is stored in their Mobile Wallet App.

Save to email:

The coupon can be sent to email and stored in the customer’s mailbox. The saved email contains an image of the coupon, the barcode from validation, the terms and conditions and a direct link to the online coupon.

Save to PDF:

The coupon can be saved as a PDF file on the customer’s device.

Print coupon:

Mobile coupons are the future, but not everybody has a smartphone with internet. With this print option, the customer can print his coupon for non-digital use. This gives people without mobile Internet or smartphones the ability to use these coupons in stores.

For more detail on redeeming read this post.


Validation is the process of checking a coupon to ensure that it is both legitimate and it has not been previously claimed. It is a process that should be undertaken to reduce fraud and to ensure that your campaign is executed as per your original guidelines.

The many methods of validation are explained within this post validation methods.

Mobile Coupon Factory interactive mobile scratch coupons are loaded with features. Here are the main promotional variables.

Scratch Image Design:

Other than the scratch image being of fixed size there is no limit to what can be displayed. Our designers will build a scratch image to perfectly suit your promotional requirements, from a simple image to a game format with a design that is closely related to what is revealed once scratched. Images will also need to be designed for each of the prizes, or the winner, non-winner scenarios.

Scratch Interaction:

We can enable or disable the scratch sound and change how much of the initial scratch image needs to be revealed before moving to the next stage of coupon interaction.

Multiple Prize Formats:

Our coupon system is powerfully adjustable, It’s much more than scratch and win or lose, you can offer multiple prizes, each with their own “reveal image”. Each prize requires a rated win percentage from 1 to 100%, meaning there are up to 100 prizes that can be offered. Each prize can also have a maximum winner limit, meaning that you cannot over award prizes.

Flexible Start & End Dates:

We have a range of date features to offer ultimate flexibility. Including:

·      Future start dates – you can distribute the coupons, but they can be acted upon until the start date arrives. An email reminds the customer.

·      Flexible end dates, where the coupon promotion will end a certain time after it has first been opened.

Limitations on Claims or validations:

We can set the maximum number of claims or validations as a further promotional safeguard.

Rules & Terms & Conditions:

These can be automatically presented as part of the coupon delivery and can require an acceptance from the customer before they continue to either scratch or claim. Links to terms and conditions can be presented at the bottom of every coupon page.

Notifications after Claim or Validations:

We can send an email to a specified email addresses after a claim or validation is executed

Error: Please enter a valid email address

Error: Invalid email

Error: Please enter your first name

Error: Please enter your last name

Error: Please enter a username

Error: Please enter a password

Error: Please confirm your password

Error: Password and password confirmation do not match