Frequently Asked Questions on Mobile Coupons

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Consumer Benefits of Mobile Coupons

We can enable/disable the sharing options per coupon.nWhen enabled, the consumer can share the coupon to his friends by using Facebook, Google, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber or Skype. Please note: Sharing is automaticly disabled for protected “single use coupon codes”.nIf you are using coupons in protected mode sharing is not availabe for the consumer.

Yes! We offer a great solution so customers can easily locate their their closest redeeming store.

Within the Coupon itself we create a “locations button or icon, we can add unlimited locations to these. We also add opening hours, phone number, e-mail address etc of each location(s) a customer can access the full details if required.

These settings are connected to the “Coupon locations”- page and this page contains all the redeemable locations including a Google map with locations. The system will automatically show the consumer the nearest coupon location by miles or kilometres.

Generally No.  But Yes if they wish to use any of the Beacon functions such as: in-store notifications, product based coupon delivery, or have the coupons delivered within your own App, or the HelloLocal App.

Beacons use Bluetooth 4, sometimes known as Bluetooth Low Energy to talk to mobile phones. This type of Bluetooth does not require pairing.

All of our interactive coupons can be delivered and used with or without  an App – this is one of their best features.

We can also deliver interactive coupons inside an existing App, or through our free App HelloLocal, –  you have wonderful choices and advantages at the Mobile Coupon Factory!

Wallet Passes do require a native or downloaded wallet App.

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Yes, this feature is in Beta and is coming soon – we are happy to show you how it works – please ask us.

Security is vitally important to us. Keeping your customers same and private is a paramount consideration.

We protect data in transit data with multiple layers of security, including leading encryption technology like HTTPS and Transport Layer Security.

We use only use the world’s most secure and reliable cloud infrastructures to keep data safe and secure. Please ask us for specific details as required.

Mobile Coupons are the way of the future, but we understand that some customers may not have a smartphone or the mobile internet. We offer options to allow the coupons to be printed or saved as emails, so all your customers can have some Coupon joy! Please read more about the different ways Coupons can be redeemed here.

Redeem or also called Use or Save a Coupon:

Redeeming refers to the different ways a customer can use a claimed coupon. We offer you a few different methods and its feasible to have a number of these activated on one coupon.


Several Redemption Methods


Ways the customer can save the Coupon

Use Now:

Clicking the Use Now button starts the selected validation process for the customer to have their coupon validated. This can occur in-store or on-line. If a customer accidentally presses use now, whist not in-store that’s OK and can can again come back to the use now screen at any time.

Save to their Mobile Wallet:

The coupon can be saved to Apple Wallet (Apple Passbook) and Android Pay (Google Wallet). With a simple click the coupon is stored in their Mobile Wallet App.

Save to email:

The coupon can be sent to email and stored in the customer’s mailbox. The saved email contains an image of the coupon, the barcode from validation, the terms and conditions and a direct link to the online coupon.

Save to PDF:

The coupon can be saved as a PDF file on the customer’s device. We can also include all the locations the offer can be validated and received.

Print coupon:

Mobile coupons are the future, but not everybody has a smartphone with internet. With this print option, the customer can print his coupon for non-digital use. This gives people without mobile Internet or smartphones the ability to use these coupons in stores.  We can also include all the locations the offer can be validated and received.

Redirect to a URL:

The last option is to re-direct the customer’s device to another URL, maybe a web shop or a survey link. The possibilities are endless.

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