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eBook Cover Send SMS? One powerful tool makes your results explode!

Do You Send Marketing SMS?

One powerful technique makes your customer engagement explode!

  • If you send appointment reminders or confirmations via SMS messaging this book will help you turn those messages into powerful customer engagement opportunities.
  • Learn how Mobile Coupons can be added to your existing SMS messages to powerfully drive customer engagement and behaviour.
  • This eBook explain how your existing customers can social share your offers to drive new customer uptake.
  • How adding a coupon to your SMS reminder can help you build upon customer data, to engage your customers in new ways.
  • Learn how coupon validation ensure your coupon claims are legitimate and how to control the total value of your offers.
  • and much more… download now.


How to use Beacons and Mobile Coupons to BOOST Customer Loyalty & Profitability!

  • Understand the different types of Beacons and which ones are the best to deploy based on your circumstances.
  • Learn how Mobile Coupons can be added to Beacons to engage new customers and reward loyal customers.
  • How to use Beacons to wake your customers phone when they are close by to your store(s) and deliver an offer or open a loyalty card.
  • What are the different types of coupons and which work best for offers, loyalty and payment integrations.
  • How coupon validation works and how it can be implemented as a a standalone asset or with your Point of Sale System
  • and much more… register now and you will be amongst the first to receive the published book.
eBook Cover Boosting Customer Loyalty & Profitability with Beacons and Coupons
50 Ways yo Use iBeacons

By iProximity:

50 Ways to Use iBeacons in Your Business

  • What an iBeacon is and how you can effectively use them to deliver contextual, location based information or marketing offers directly on your customer’s smartphone.
  • The five best methods to delight and engage your customers through proximity marketing.
  • The 3 component pieces you need to launch a proximity marketing or information campaign with iBeacons.
  • 50 great practical examples on how iBeacons can be deployed across a wide variety of businesses and industries. From Cafes to Mining Sites…

About The Author

David Burden
David BurdenFounder
David Burden is regarded as one of the founding fathers of Mobile Marketing in the Asia Pacific Region, his former mobile marketing companies include Legion Interactive and BlueSkyFrog; which pioneered ground breaking, interactive mobile marketing promotions.

David Burden and his Companies have been behind some of the Region’s largest and most successful Mobile Promotions including Coca Cola SummerDays and McDonalds SipFlip2Win

Legion Interactive was the most awarded mobile company designing powerful marketing promotions for Coke Cola, Vodafone, Telstra, Nestle, McDonalds, Commonwealth Bank, MasterCard, etc. Legion was also behind all the interactive TV shows including Big Brother, Australian Idol, Wheel of Fortune and most of the magazine, newspaper and radio promotions.

David Burden was awarded the inaugural Mobile Marketer of the Year for his contribution of the Mobile Marketing Industry.

Together with his Business Partner and Co-Founder Rohan Lean, David’s many years of award winning mobile marketing experience is behind the creation of the mobile Coupon Factory.

David is one of the early pioneers and godfathers of Australia’s mobile content and advertising industry. I’ve know David for a couple of years now and his business acumen, extensive network and constant energy never cease to amaze me.
Antony McGregor Dey
The most outstanding trait that David has impressed upon me is of his exceptional character and professional integrity. David started mobile marketing in Australia and was instrumental in shaping the standards and commercial framework we have today.
Lee Stephens
David is one of the true pioneers and leaders of the interactive / digital industry in Australia. He is one of those rare individuals who seemingly excels at everything he does and who seems to constantly have his competitors guessing what his next move might be. I wholeheartedly recommend Dave as a truly outstanding business partner.
Clifford Rosenberg
David has an excellent understanding of the mobile market and related opportunities.
Ari Klinger
David Burden has played a key role in the development of the digital media industry in Australia.
Paul Budde
David is a leader in the digital interactive industry. He has demonstrated unwavering passion, focus, integrity and energy on development of a sustainable interactive and mobile market in Australia.
Mellisa Gillies
David’s contribution to the Interactive industry in Australia is second to none. He and the people he has lead over the past 14 years have continuously broken new ground in interactive technology and services.
John Guest
McDonalds SMS Promotion SipFlip2Win

McDonald’s SIP N FLIP 2 WIN recorded Australia’s largest ever number of entries for an SMS promotion: over four million entries in six weeks. The promotion also saw over 2.2 million unique players.

Coca Cola’s Summerdays in conjunction with Vodafone and DDB was the region’s first branded on-pack SMS promotion.

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