eCoupon Redemption Set to Double, Reaching $81bn by 2021

A new study from Juniper Research has found that eCoupon redemptions will double over the next 5 years, reaching $81 billion in 2021, increasing from an estimated $40 billion in 2016. Juniper’s latest research, Mobile & Online Coupons: Loyalty & Beacon Engagement 2016-2021, found that growth in digital coupon redemptions is to be driven by

McDonalds Sees Massive Success with Mobile Coupons

The most iconic name in fast food has achieved a miraculous milestone in the world of mobile coupons. According to Mobile Marketing Magazine, McDonald’s managed to drive seven million downloads of its mobile coupon app in the first three months of its availability. The app in question went live in September of 2015. Company CEO

Report: Mobile-based campaigns and coupons boost consumer brand sentiment

New report on mobile consumer trends and behaviour shows consumers actively seeking out mobile-based campaigns and promotional offers of direct or immediate benefit to them Consumers will actively seek out certain types of mobile-based campaigns and promotional offers if they directly or immediately benefit them, a new report claims. The 2016 Mobile Consumer Study, produced

iProximity Launches the Mobile Coupon Factory

Retail is becoming a highly connected experience, both brands and retailers desire to extend consumer engagement, to go beyond just creating awareness and delivering offers into the rich integration of loyalty, proximity, and mobility. Mobile coupons have evolved from being simply a means of driving consumers in-store, to being a core element of promoting and

Geolocation features trigger Wallets and Passes

Coupons that have been saved into the Apple or Google wallet, Wallet passes and Apps that include geolocation features can all trigger Coupons. These triggers can include lock screen notifications. In addition many Mobile Coupon Factory Coupons can have all your store locations programmed into them and show the closest venue for redeeming your Coupon

Using Point of Sale, Items or Location to deliver Coupons

Coupons can be included on product packaging or point of sale via QR Codes or NFC tag which are programmed to deliver your Coupon directly, or take the consumer to a rich information page. Your campaign can be intelligently deployed so the location of point of sale material is know and it’s effectiveness is measured

Coupons in Your Email and Newsletters

Email and Newsletter are popular and effective marketing tools and with more email be now read on smartphones and tablets than desktops, it is a profitable delivery method for mobile Coupons. Coupon links and images can be easily incorporated and the chance of winning prizes will always improve email open, read and click-through rates.

Delivering and triggering Coupons and Passes with Beacons

Beacons and Mobile Coupons are a powerful combination! Coupons can be triggered or delivered based on proximity. Wallet Passes and Apps can deliver smart notifications that the Coupon can be used “here”. Insightful consumer data can be collected and used to personalise or localise your Coupon campaign.

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Delivering Coupons via Your Free WiFi Service

In-store free WiFi is almost expected now by consumers. It offers the business increased data on visitation and potential customer proximity when in store. Businesses that take advantage of social free WiFi systems or require consumers to log in can now send Coupons to the customers as a further reward. It’s a great way of

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  • Mobile coupons can be delivered in Mobile Apps

Including Coupons in Mobile Apps

Coupons can be presented right inside your Mobile App and retain all the features of the original Coupon. As your App may be directly connected to your CRM or marketing platform the collected Coupon data can be immediately analysed. Inside an App the coupon could be triggered by proximity technologies (like beacons) allowing each store

  • Social Media is an effective way to deliver mobile coupons

Adding Coupons to Social Media

Social media posts, ads and tabs are also effective for distributing your Coupons. Link the Coupon address to the Coupon or prize image for greater impact, or create a whole post about your promotion. Coupons don’t always have to be promotional that can delivery important content too! We can build your Coupons to be shared

  • Coupon delivery via SMS is powerful

Delivery of Coupons via SMS

SMS is an effective, powerful and trusted means of delivering content. Coupon links can be transmitted as a promotional offer or sent with your normal appointment or payment reminders, car service, or health check up messages. As most SMS are opened immediately; Coupons delivered by SMS have an amazing click-through and participation rate.

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