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Consumers who feel an ‘in the moment’ offer might influence their purchase
People redeeming a mobile coupon with 5 minutes of receiving it

Scratch Promotional Coupons

Loyalty & Store Cards

Stamp & Punch Cards

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Unique Coupons: Designed to Engage Your Customers

Informational Coupons

Custom Designed Coupons

Game Format Coupons

Interactive Scratch Coupons

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...and many more. Please talk to us about your exact requirements.

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Engaging Consumers Through Promotional Scratch Coupons

1. Coupons distributed via multiple methods

2. Consumer scratches coupon

3. Consumer engages programmed game mechanic

4. Multiple winner claim methods and options

5. Options to save and use coupon

6. Multiple validation options including existing POS

7. Secure! Validated coupons can’t be re-used

Data & Tags

Each coupon is loaded with analytical and re-marketing tags making them a powerful and effective way to collect promotional data and then immediately target based on the rich data set.

Beacons & Proximity

Trigger or deliver coupons to consumers based on their precise location.

Real Time Control & Security

Cloud based service delivers secure,real-time, global access to your coupons and data.

Promote and Reward Desired Customer Actions with Multiple Claim Methods

Enter & Capture Data

Log-in or Share on Social Media

Enter a Promo Code

Install an App

Watch a Video

Make a Payment

Requests to download Apps or watch videos have a higher uptake rate when prize rewards are offered!

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Engage Customers with Selectable Coupon Save & Redemption Options

Multiple Methods of Coupon Validation including POS Integration

Customers can use the Coupon now or save the coupon to use later in a multitude of formats

Customers have many different options to save their Coupons… read them all here

Validate on the customers device, with a validation App or integrated into your POS. Find out more about Coupon Validation 

Once validated coupons are marked as claimed on the consumers phone and in the coupon database. Learn about Coupon Security

Protecting your business from Coupon fraud is paramount to our service. Learn how we can build in security to you your next mobile marketing campaign!

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Mobile Coupon Facts

Customers wanting a retailer to send a coupon to their smartphone when they are in-store or nearby
Coupons were delivered to consumers via beacon technology in 2015
People incentivised to try a new brand when receiving a digital coupon on a smartphone

Sources: Coupon Statistics: The ultimate collection & Media Post

Amazing Consumer Benefits

  • Works on any Smart Phone – No App required: Engage with almost 100% of your customer base as coupons can be instantly downloaded anywhere and don’t require a pre-installed App.
  • Engaging Fun: The power of the Coupon, still used by many leading marketers, incorporated with the convenience of the mobile phone. For consumers it becomes so simple and truly engaging method to reward your customers for a powerful brand experience.
  • Incorporated into Mobile Wallets: The mobile wallet such as Apple Pay and Google Pay are becoming a super convenient extension to most mobile phones, as they allow secure banking without carry cards or other devices. Our mobile coupons can be stored in the these wallets and automatically remind the consumer that they have a reward when next in store.
  • Fully integrates with social media: Your customers can download coupons from social pages and links, share coupons with their friends as part of a redemption process, or we can enable a re-marketing campaign to consumers directly from their Coupon activity. Simple and very powerful!
  • So many ways to deliver your Coupon Campaigns: Our Coupon delivery methods allow you to track the success of each methodology and track the coupon and subsequent activity. The ways you can deliver your coupons includes: SMS, email and newsletters, Social Media pages, posts and ads, in Store WiFi, Beacons, Geolocation, QR Codes, NFC Tags etc

Unique Marketing Insights

  • Managed in real-time from the cloud: We manage your campaigns in real-time from the cloud providing you the comfort of maximum flexibility and control. Global control in multiple languages, with the flexibility of our 24×7 Customer Dashboard.
  • Real Time Coupon Statistics: Your access to our 24X7 Customer Dashboard provides you with your instant results. Including Coupon views, claims, redemptions on a global or per store basis. Integrated analytics from your App combined with our Beacon platform can provide further insights into customer behaviour.
  • Marketing Platform Integration: The data collected from customer interactions can be automatically synced into your automated marketing systems, advertising or re-marketing campaigns, enabling you with the speed to instantly further interact with the customer at their point of engagement and descision.
  • Integrates with your Point Of Sale System for end to end campaign tracking: Your campaign can be tracked from transmission through to its actual redemption. Specific, factual real-time data, enabling you to deeply analyse your results to strive for further improvements in your offer, transmission time, graphics etc.
  • Easily Include Analytics and Re-Marketing Tags and Pixels: Never before has the simple Coupon delivered such powerful real-time data. Including your analytics and re-marketing tags allows further precise analytic data in your existing platform and the re-marketing tags allow you the ability to further target the customer based on their Coupon activity whilst on other digital platforms.

Let us know how we can build you a Campaign to suit your exact requirements!

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FREE Use Cases & eBooks

Using SMS Reminders to trigger Coupons eBook

Learn how TXT message reminders combined with Interactive Mobile Coupons can generate powerful promotional results for any business.


How to use Beacons and Mobile Coupons to BOOST Customer Loyalty & Profitability!

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